2018-2021 Three-Year Development Plan

1. Learning and Teaching
Major Concern 1.1Cultivating students to excel in academics and be a self-directed learner
Target 1.1.1Through learning activities, uplift the learning motivation, build up the learning confidence
Target 1.1.2Consolidate good learning habits, together with self-evaluation and reflection to strengthen self-directed learning
Target 1.1.3Use assessment tools to identify student learning difficulties, to promote assessment as learning
Major concern 1.2Enhancing the effectiveness of learning and teaching
Target 1.2.1Bolster strategies on learner’s diversity to boost learning effectiveness
Target 1.2.2Optimize lesson planning to improve the classroom interaction
2. Student Support
Major Concern 2.1With the spirit of the Gospel, faith and hope, build up an environment with trust and love
Target 2.1.1Recognize and implement five core values of Catholic Education
Target 2.1.2Be caring and helpful and pleased to serve
Major Concern 2.2Promote positivity to empower students to deal with challenges and difficulties
Target 2.2.1Through classroom management activities, boost students’ resilience
Target 2.2.2Promote social and emotional management skills, strengthen communication competence
Target 2.2.3Promote positivity education

School Plan

School Annual Plan
Capacity Enhancement Grant Plan
School-based After-school Learning and Support Programme
Proposal for Diversity Learning Grant – Annual Plan
Proposal for Diversity Learning Grant – 3-year Plan
Plan for Life Planning Education and Career Guidance
Proposal for Strengthening School Administration
Management (SAM) Grant
Proposal for Provision
of One-off Grant to Secondary Schools for the Promotion
of STEM Education
Proposal for One-off Grant for the Promotion of Chinese
History and Culture
Proposal for Life-wide Learning Fund
Proposal for Enhancing Support for Learning and Teaching
Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

School Report

School Annual Report
Capacity Enhancement Grant Report
School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes Report
Diversity Learning Grant Report
Life Planning Education and Career Guidance Report
Life-wide Learning Fund Report
Student Activities Support Grant Report