Learning English is full of hurdles to a second language learner. The most critical part is about learning English in a Chinese speaking community. Although Hong Kong is an international metropolis, Cantonese instead of English is our everyday language. To equip our students with the English language competence to live and work in the globalized world, our school has a comprehensive language policy and more importantly both teachers and students live peacefully so as to create an English learning environment.

1. English as a medium of instruction

A majority of students learn English across curriculum. There are a range of EMI subjects covering mathematics, science, humanities, arts, physical education and technology key learning areas. Reading across curriculum run by subject panels, the school library and Language Across Curriculum Committee develop our students with reading habits in morning reading sessions, reading projects, annual book fair and most important their daily life.

2. Flexible teaching pedagogies

Instead of only traditional drills, our students are provided with chances to showcase their talents in different classroom activities and extra-curricular activities in English. Project learning such as fashion design, itinerary planning and video making arouses one’s interests in English. Guided reading lessons provide more opportunities to read extensively. Besides, students can get actively involved in a range of activities run by English teachers and a few societies such as Debate Society, English Society, English Musical and English Ambassador Scheme. Some important school events such as Athletic Meets, Talent Show and school ceremonies are conducted in English.

3. Reaching out

We also aim to bring our students to different parts of the world so as to broaden their horizons. Besides local excursions to English environment such as the elderly home and interviewing tourists, we also organize study tours to English speaking countries.