We aim at nurturing our students with the whole person development and our new generation will grow with different traits including intelligence development, moral education, team building, athletic and aesthetic potentials. It is hoped that they could develop positive attitudes towards life, master skills in further learning and adapt to the needs of the social development. In view of this, our life wide learning programmes purposely enrich our students with different learning experiences.

1. Intelligence development

Besides external competitions and gifted education courses, our students are largely involved in excursions to local museums and field trips. With a range of programmes, we aim to develop our students to acquire the subject knowledge of the related fields and excel with their multiple intelligence so as to employ the skills in their daily life.

2. Civic and moral education

Through participating in seminars, experimental theatres, conservation programmes and cultural exchange programmes, our students are equipped to develop positive traits and values so as to contribute to the society and adopt a fulfilling life.

3. Social services

Under the love and teaching of Jesus, our students are passionate to their life, family and society. To put it into practice, they are all involved actively in social services such as visits to the elderly homes and flag selling. We aim to nurture our students with right concepts such as respect, care and acceptance.

4. Athletic and aesthetic development

The training of sports, music and arts nurtures our students to adopt an energetic and healthy lifestyle. They also master generic skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and aesthetic competence for life-long learning.

5. Career-related experience

To widen the scope of horizons, our school organizes a range of career-related activities such as seminars, workshops, sharing sessions and internships. Our students would become more capable of handling challenges in the ever-changing society.