Tuen Teen Scholarships

Chi-Li Pao Scholarship
Donors:Mr. and Mrs. Pao Lun Kwok Raymond.
Condition of Award:– sponsor underprivileged students to pursue higher education.
– provide long-term financial aid to students in need.
Chinese Language Literature Scholarship
Donors:Mr. Zhang Dapeng, Donor of the following award:
“The Dream of the Red Chamber Award: The World’s Distinguished Novel in Chinese”.
Condition of Award:– award students with excellent results in Chinese Language or Chinese Literature in HKDSE.
– award Chinese majors in the eight universities of Hong Kong.
– encourage students to engage actively in writing.
Conduct Scholarship
Donors:Ms. Angela Tong, former Head of Hong Kong Film Archive.
Condition of Award:appreciate students who distinguish themselves in good conduct.
Professor Chung Ling Chinese Literature Scholarship
Donors:Professor Chung Ling, former Associate Vice-President and Dean of Arts, HKBU.
Condition of Award:– award students with brilliant public exam results in Chinese Literature.
– encourage students to study Chinese Literature at HKBU.
– motivate students majoring in Chinese Literature to engage actively in writing.
Kenneth Lau Scholarship for English Language
Donors:Mr. Kenneth Lau, an alumnus of TMCSS, HKBU Graduate, English Tutor at Beason College.
Condition of Award:– award students with remarkable internal exam results in English Language from all forms.
– award students achieving Level 5 or above in English Language in HKDSE.
Scholarship for Study Tour
Donors:Mr. Leung Wang Chi, an alumnus of TMCSS.
Condition of Award:support students taking part in Study Tours overseas.
TMCSS Scholarship
Donors:Teachers, students, parents & alumni of TMCSS and Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Protection Officers.
Condition of Award:– award students with outstanding public exam results.
– provide immediate relief for students in need.
– offer loans to students for university tuition fee.
TMCSS Academic Scholarship
Donors:Ms. Woo King Lai and Mr. Tsoi Ho Yin.
Condition of Award:award students with outstanding internal exam results in BAFS & Economics and Mathematics.