1. Parents should pay attention to the announcements made via the radio, television or mobile application before or after 6:15 if the tropical cyclones are affecting Hong Kong.
  2. If there is an adverse weather condition, flooding or landslide next to your home, parents should decide if children are allowed to return to school. If the above situations happen, parents should issue a letter and submit it on the next school day. Students will not be considered as playing truant.
  3. Under special situations, EDB may announce the class suspension for the schools in some districts. Students who live or study in those district should not return to school.
  4. The following general arrangements will apply as below:
TimeRainstorm Warning SignalCorresponding measures
Whole dayWhen Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 or amber is issuedThe school is to operate as usual unless advised otherwise.

When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No. 8 / No.8, Red or Black or above is issued

TimeCorresponding measures
Issued from 5:30 am onwards and before 6:00 amClasses of the school are to be suspended. Students who have not left for school should stay home.
Issued from 6:00 am onwards and before 8:00 am1. All classes of the school are to be suspended. Students who have not left for school should stay home.
2. If students learn about the class suspension announcement on their way to school, they should decide whether to proceed with their journey to school taking into consideration the rain, road, slop or traffic conditions.
3. Students who have already arrived at school should remain in school until it is safe for them to return home.
4. Parents should ensure the conditions are safe and pick up their children from school.
While the lessons start1. The school should continue the lessons until the end of normal school hours.
2. The school will ensure that conditions are safe before allowing students to return home.

5. If the red or black rainstorm signal is issued, students are not allowed to have lunch outside and they will be arranged to buy food from the school tuck shop. Parents can also bring food to school or prepare food for their children if the weather condition is not stable.

6. When there is a bad weather condition, the latest measures will be posted on the school website immediately. Parents should browse the information from the school website.