1. Junior curriculum (F.1 – F.3)

Key Learning AreasSubjects
English Language EducationEnglish Language*
Chinese Language EducationChinese Language, Putonghua
Mathematics EducationMathematics*
Science EducationIntegrated Science* (Physics, Chemistry and Biology in F.3)
Personal, Social and Humanities EducationChinese History, History, Geography, Life and Society Studies, Religious Education
Cross-discipline EducationReading
Technology EducationComputer Literacy, Technology and Living, Design and Technology
Arts EducationVisual Arts, Music
Physical EducationPhysical Education

   All subjects are taught in English as the medium of instructions.

   Subjects are taught in English as the medium of instructions only in EMI classes.

2. Senior curriculum (F.4 – F.6)

Compulsory subjects (4 core subjects)

CategorySubjects / Learning Experience
English Language EducationEnglish Language
Chinese Language EducationChinese Language
Mathematics EducationMathematics
Cross-discipline EducationLiberal Studies / Citizenship and Social Development

Elective subjects

CategorySubjects / Learning Experience
Chinese Language EducationChinese Literature
Mathematics EducationMathematics Extended Module 2
Science EducationPhysics, Chemistry, Biology
Personal, Social and Humanities EducationEconomics, Geography, Chinese History, History,
Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Ethics and Religious Studies
Technology EducationHealth Management and Social Care, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies,
Information and Computer Technology, Design and Applied Technology
Arts EducationVisual Arts

Non-HKDSE subjects

CategorySubjects / Learning Experience
Compulsory subjectsMusic, Physical Education, Religious Education

Other Learning Experiences

CategorySubjects / Learning Experience
Other Learning ExperiencesMoral and Civic Education, Community Service, Career-related Experiences,
Aesthetic Development, Physical Development

Subjects are taught in English as the medium of instructions.

Subjects are taught in either English or Chinese according to the teaching groups.