IMC was established on 2nd May, 2014 and the committee members include:
Chairperson:Dr. Chan Chun Kwong Roger
Sponsoring Body Managers:Rev. Kam Po Wai,
Ms. Wong Yuk Han,
Dr. Lau Kwok Yu,
Ms. Chan Wai Ying,
Mr. Fan Hoi Kit,
Ms. Ma Wai Yu Anne
Alternate Sponsoring Body ManagerDr. Yick Ho Kuen
Ex-officio Manager (Principal):Principal Siu Sze Chuen John
Independent Manager:
Teacher Manager:Ms. Lam Siu Yau Diana
Alternate Teacher Manager:Ms. Tsui Siu Lai
Parent Manager:Mr. Pun Yung Kwong
Alternate Parent Manager:Ms. Wong Hoi Yan
Alumni Manager:Mr. Mok Ka Wing
School Supervisor:Dr. Chan Chun Kwong Roger
Principal:Mr. Siu Sze Chuen John
Vice school principal:Ms. Wong Wai Ping (Learning and Teaching)
Mr. Lai Chi Yuen (Administration)
Assistant vice principal:Ms. Lam Siu Yau
School Chaplain:Rev. Kam Po Wai,
Rev. Nicolas de Francqueville
Teaching Staff

Total number of teaching staff 68 (including the Principal)


Bachelor degree: 100%
Master degree: 25%
Postgraduate diploma in Education: 55%
Teachers with the training of Special Educational Needs: 18%

Teaching Experience

0 – 4 years: 39%
5 – 9 years: 9%
10 years or above: 52%