Results of Inter-house Speech Contest

The Inter-house Speech Contest organized by Truth House was ended on 6th November. The contest consists of two divisions, a junior session and a senior session. The junior session includes two topics, ‘Sweetness, Sourness, Bitterness and Hotness’ and ‘Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday and the Future’ session while the senior session includes ‘Artistic music, healthy lifestyle, Chinese culture and history and STEM’ and ‘Proverbs’

The results are as follows:

Junior (Group)

Champion: Modesty House

First-runner up: Sincerity House

Second-runner up: Constancy House

Senior (Group)

Champion: Sincerity House

First-runner up: Truth House

Second-runner up: Constancy House

Junior (Individual):

Champion: 2C Zhou Chi In Cherry

First-runner up: 3A Chong Ching Kayleigh

Second-runner up: 3C Lok Kan Chun

Senior (Individual):

Champion: 5A Wong Yuen Chi

First-runner up: 5D Zeng Tsz Ka Second-runner up: 4A Leung Ka Chit